BikerNext helps biker singles meet a biker next door

Online dating has gained a growing popularity in all over the world thanks to its convenience and efficiency when it comes to conducting social activity. It does not only make geographical, communication and language barrier a much less important role, but also forces users to get out of their comfort zone and optimize their potential to meet quality singles. However, amid numerous so-called professional online dating platform are there doing self-promoting as well as thousands of others keeping emerging overnight, it can be such a tiresome drudgery to find a truly qualified online dating site that suits you. After a detailed research among up to 50 websites based on their size of member base, success rate of dating and the proficiency in features, we have selected Biker Next for its overpowering advantage over the others in the three mentioned aspects.

BikerNext is one of the most popular online dating websites tailored exclusively for biker enthusiasts. Its sheer volume of member base, which compromises of more than 2.3 millions registered biker lovers, including 800,000 professionals with over 6 years riding experience, has gained the website a remarkable reputation for it has greatly widened the chance of meeting a quality biker single.

Biker Next dating prohibit strictly any information leakage. By encrypting all the data and certificated by SSL, all members’ information are safely protected. Besides, in order to look for real profiles and ensure the quality of the member base, the identification process is required while signing up, and some search will be done manually afterwards to prevent fakers and scams from entering. All members have right to report any suspicious members and activities on the website and they will receive $20 as rewards once the report confirmed true.

The website also outshines its competitors with its professional as well as unique features. Not only does it has packed all the main features that other mainstream websites have, such as posting pictures, getting matches, sending messages, free voice call and video call another user, etc. But also some special ones catering only to bikers. For example, users can be “certified bikers” after getting their driver license verified. Also, some criteria like distance, motorcycle types and biking habits are accessible for users to look for another biker single. The most famous features on called “Hang out with bikers” allows users to view people nearby as well as posting their live status to meet up, which also takes credit for a great number of bikers’ meet up, biking trip and rallies take place every month.

Bikers have long been considered as adventure seekers. When they are all geared up and carrying all the luggage on panniers, having a special riding partner to share the the passion with can certainly bring the joy to another level. No matter you are looking for just friendship, companionship or a romantic relationship, will always live up to your expectations. Once you decide to be a member of, within a few minutes of simplified registration process, you are all ready to set foot on the journey of happiness seeking.


Why and how to date a biker girl

Nowadays, an increasing amount of guys start to gravitate towards biker girls when it comes to the significant half. Have you ever wondered why? In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the biker dating site, we have compromised a few essential reasons of why to date a biker girl as well as some useful advice on how to date a biker girl.

They like cheap date
 Thanks to their down-to-earth nature, biker girls enjoy their own kind of dream date: a long ride on twisty road while grabbing some juicy burgers alone with a cup of cold beer as dinner, instead of some expensive dates in a fancy restaurant where a sip of Martini which costs $20

They can help you with travel light
Packing light has always been a savvy trip for all the travelers. To avoid filling up a suitcase with your whole wardrobe, you can downsize your luggage, pack only the essentials, and last but not least, get a biker girl! Adhering to the motto riding comes first, biker girls wouldn’t weigh you down by some how managing to balance 4 overstuffed suitcase on the bike.

They are adventurous
Say goodbye to those days when you got hold back by all kinds of complaints whenever you start to get a bit wild. Bikers are generally considered as adventurists and dating a biker girl means you are going to be set on an adventure. Get all geared up and all the luggage packed tightly on panniers, you are going to explore the world differently while taking your biker girl to places that are hard to reach and nothing else can match the rush while going through the wildest experience.

They are tough
At one point or another, a motorcyclist is going to fall down on a bumpy road, however, they never take no for an answer and get up from wherever they fall. That’s why biker girls, whose personality is deeply seared with toughness, make the best solid girlfriend. Contrary to the stereotypical thought, you won’t need to worry about the disapproval from your mom for being with a biker girl. This type of girls do get a bit out of control sometimes, but most importantly, they always get off your back and are not afraid of the unpredictable future.

They will make other jealous of you
Biker girls are known to be strong and independent, not only will this make your friends jealous, but also your exes. After all, there aren’t many girls who are willing to sitting up close while circling her arms tightly around your waist on a roaring machine or just hop on hers while enjoying the ultimate freedom and the two-wheeled bond with you.

They are simply sexy
Before dating a biker girl, you impression of them probably have never gone beyond a occasional jolt of recognition when they zoom away past you on a highway, but at the very first sight of her zipping up her seductive leather jacket, disappearing beneath a helmet and then suddenly zooming away in a blink of an eye with the finely crafted gear between her legs, everything changes. You’ll find yourself being gravitated, admiring, or even obsessively falling in love with her inexplicably beauty.

Dating a biker girl changes your perspective of life
Dating a biker girl, far more than just to step out of your comfort zone and start a breathtaking adventure, it is also an enlightenment which leads you to the realization that two halves don’t make whole, it takes two wholes, because dating a biker girl means you will have to learn to respect her hobby and will never ask her to give up something which make her shine and offers her such a profound sense of identity. Dating a biker girl requires you to embrace her as how she is as an individual, and biker girls will do the same.


Taking it Offline, The First Date With A Biker

If you chose to join BikerPlanet, you’ll have access to a list of perfect dates for biker singles. But if that’s not one of the websites you’ve landed on, no worries! We’ve made sure to include some of the best ideas for a first date for biker singles. Yeah, sure, you can go on any date. You can choose the movies or dinner or something typical. But biker singles are above average, so you don’t want to come at them with a boring date idea. Instead, trade those plain dates in for something a little more exciting. Why not bring the bike along?

1. The Most Obvious; Go For A Ride

Invite your biker date out for a ride. You can hope on your own motorcycles and just go. Follow the wind, or go against the breeze. Just ride for the sake of riding. This doesn’t give you much opportunity to talk though. Even if she’s hoping on the bike with you, holding you close as you feel the breeze give back the air she’s taken out of your lungs. But it’s a great idea before, after or in the middle of your date. It’s going to be a common activity between the two of you, after all.

2. A Bar

There’s no secret that many bikers like to have a couple drinks. If you’re driving, you should always drink responsibly. But, you can let your biker girl have a couple drinks if you’re riding together. Play pool, or darts in the meanwhile. Oh, but choose a fairly deserted bar that isn’t crawling with competition. You want to be able to talk, share stories and laugh together. You don’t want five other guys also hitting her up. It’s your date, you want the focus to be on the two of you. You can also grab something to eat if you’re at a full service pub. Our eating habits and what we choose to eat can say a lot about who we are as people. It’s always a good idea to grab a bite on a first date.

3. Hit The Shores!

Our ride is going to end up somewhere. We don’t just jump on the bike and keep going until it runs out of gas. So, pull over somewhere with a nice view and just relax together. Plan ahead with a blanket and a picnic basket. It sounds cliche when you read it. But, when you’re doing it, you’ll see how well it works. Your biker girl might not care about sitting on a blanket. Remember, they don’t mind getting a little dirty. But it’s definitely more comfortable. Besides, prevents sand from getting in your food. This gives you both the chance to enjoy a bite to eat together, while also enjoying the endless scenery. A picnic is a great way to avoid the clutter of the bar.

The best part about a biker girl is that they are easy-going. They love the open road and that’s really the way to their hearts. As long as you can give them a highway, or a mountain drive, you’re doing great. But, for the sake of securing a second date, there should be conversation, right?


Packing Simply and Efficiently for A Motorcycle Camping Date

When you plan to have a motorcycle camping date with a biker girl, then you should notice that there is not much space for the pack with your biker babe sitting at the back of the motorcycle. The key for the packing is taking what you’ll need and precious little extra. It is hard to tell exactly what to take because there are too many variables from rider to rider. But bikers can still get some guidelines for packing here.

There are kinds of camping gear to choose in today’s markets from indispensable items to worthless things. Single motorcycle riders should keep the basics in mind when they are selecting gear: shelter, comfort when sleeping, food and personal hygiene. Only when these basic needs are met and there are available packing space, can you purchase some extra items to carry with. The best way to avoid carrying too many unnecessary items is buying reasonably high-quality gear for the first time. Thus, you won’t have that budget for the extra equipment.

Specialty supplier of camping and backpacking equipment, as well as biker dating sites are great places to have a basic understanding about available products. And Harley riders can also narrow down their list to a few items by checking and questioning online. It is easy to get what you need at reasonable prices.
Don’t listen to the sale to overbuy a sleeping bag. A bag rated for temperatures of 40 degrees is adequate for biker camper, which will be more comfortable and pack smaller. As for tent, a tent with an entry vestibule or two can provide a fry place to place your riding gear and other items that you don’t want to be stole by others.

And items with more than one functions are the first choices for biker dates. For example, a pair of waterproof hiking sandals can be used for hiking and showering. A jacket liner can be worn to stay warm while sleeping or in the cool morning, and used as a pillow with a stuff sack. Just keep an open mind when you are purchasing in the stores for these very useful items.

Keep in mind or make note of the items that you and your biker girl have used and those you don’t need when you are on the trip or camp. After several times, you can remove those things you haven’t used and prepare more items that you need most. Then you will find it will be more and more simple to pack for the motorcycle trip and camping date with a Harley woman.