BikerNext helps biker singles meet a biker next door

Online dating has gained a growing popularity in all over the world thanks to its convenience and efficiency when it comes to conducting social activity. It does not only make geographical, communication and language barrier a much less important role, but also forces users to get out of their comfort zone and optimize their potential to meet quality singles. However, amid numerous so-called professional online dating platform are there doing self-promoting as well as thousands of others keeping emerging overnight, it can be such a tiresome drudgery to find a truly qualified online dating site that suits you. After a detailed research among up to 50 websites based on their size of member base, success rate of dating and the proficiency in features, we have selected Biker Next for its overpowering advantage over the others in the three mentioned aspects.

BikerNext is one of the most popular online dating websites tailored exclusively for biker enthusiasts. Its sheer volume of member base, which compromises of more than 2.3 millions registered biker lovers, including 800,000 professionals with over 6 years riding experience, has gained the website a remarkable reputation for it has greatly widened the chance of meeting a quality biker single.

Biker Next dating prohibit strictly any information leakage. By encrypting all the data and certificated by SSL, all members’ information are safely protected. Besides, in order to look for real profiles and ensure the quality of the member base, the identification process is required while signing up, and some search will be done manually afterwards to prevent fakers and scams from entering. All members have right to report any suspicious members and activities on the website and they will receive $20 as rewards once the report confirmed true.

The website also outshines its competitors with its professional as well as unique features. Not only does it has packed all the main features that other mainstream websites have, such as posting pictures, getting matches, sending messages, free voice call and video call another user, etc. But also some special ones catering only to bikers. For example, users can be “certified bikers” after getting their driver license verified. Also, some criteria like distance, motorcycle types and biking habits are accessible for users to look for another biker single. The most famous features on called “Hang out with bikers” allows users to view people nearby as well as posting their live status to meet up, which also takes credit for a great number of bikers’ meet up, biking trip and rallies take place every month.

Bikers have long been considered as adventure seekers. When they are all geared up and carrying all the luggage on panniers, having a special riding partner to share the the passion with can certainly bring the joy to another level. No matter you are looking for just friendship, companionship or a romantic relationship, will always live up to your expectations. Once you decide to be a member of, within a few minutes of simplified registration process, you are all ready to set foot on the journey of happiness seeking.