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Online dating has gained a growing popularity in all over the world thanks to its convenience and efficiency when it comes to conducting social activity. It does not only make geographical, communication and language barrier a much less important role, but also forces users to get out of their comfort zone and optimize their potential to meet quality singles. However, amid numerous so-called professional online dating platform are there doing self-promoting as well as thousands of others keeping emerging overnight, it can be such a tiresome drudgery to find a truly qualified online dating site that suits you. After a detailed research among up to 50 websites based on their size of member base, success rate of dating and the proficiency in features, we have selected Biker Next for its overpowering advantage over the others in the three mentioned aspects.

BikerNext is one of the most popular online dating websites tailored exclusively for biker enthusiasts. Its sheer volume of member base, which compromises of more than 2.3 millions registered biker lovers, including 800,000 professionals with over 6 years riding experience, has gained the website a remarkable reputation for it has greatly widened the chance of meeting a quality biker single.

Biker Next dating prohibit strictly any information leakage. By encrypting all the data and certificated by SSL, all members’ information are safely protected. Besides, in order to look for real profiles and ensure the quality of the member base, the identification process is required while signing up, and some search will be done manually afterwards to prevent fakers and scams from entering. All members have right to report any suspicious members and activities on the website and they will receive $20 as rewards once the report confirmed true.

The website also outshines its competitors with its professional as well as unique features. Not only does it has packed all the main features that other mainstream websites have, such as posting pictures, getting matches, sending messages, free voice call and video call another user, etc. But also some special ones catering only to bikers. For example, users can be “certified bikers” after getting their driver license verified. Also, some criteria like distance, motorcycle types and biking habits are accessible for users to look for another biker single. The most famous features on called “Hang out with bikers” allows users to view people nearby as well as posting their live status to meet up, which also takes credit for a great number of bikers’ meet up, biking trip and rallies take place every month.

Bikers have long been considered as adventure seekers. When they are all geared up and carrying all the luggage on panniers, having a special riding partner to share the the passion with can certainly bring the joy to another level. No matter you are looking for just friendship, companionship or a romantic relationship, will always live up to your expectations. Once you decide to be a member of, within a few minutes of simplified registration process, you are all ready to set foot on the journey of happiness seeking.


The Most Common Mistakes that Single Harley Riders Make

There are more and more male Harley riders and female Harley riders choose online Harley dating sites as their gathering platform to meet the compatible Harley motorcycle rider to share the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with. And in order to improve their experience on online biker dating websites, has already provided the single Harley riders with different online biker dating tips covering different aspects covering different aspects. And today, we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes that single Harley riders make when seeking a like-minded biker girls or biker guys on free motorcycle dating websites.

Misinterpret the tone of the profile of your Harley motorcycle rider.

What’s actually vital in evaluating a profile on online biker dating sites is its tone. You want to get a sense of what the biker women or biker man is like, which can be truly difficult judging merely by a few lines of bio.

It’s a challenge as a novelist to convey characters and personalities of a biker chick or biker dude in meaningful ways, which is why there are a huge amount of motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys who tend to make rush decision when it comes to a dating candidate. There are too many times when motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes turns down a potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend too quickly merely because of the misinterpreted tones in bio. A good profile on online motorcycle dating sites that convey well your personality and characters demands a high proficiency in writing and logic, thus, biker chicks and biker dudes don’t have to be too harsh on the writing skills of other single Harley riders. To avoid this, it’s key to read between the lines to get a sense of whether the man biker or women biker seems pleasant, friendly and responsible. If you are not sure after going through the bio of your biker ladies or biker gentlemen, don’t be shy to send the first message to get to know him or her more.

Attaching more attention to the tones when you read profiles will help you to have a general idea of your single Harley rider, however, don’t interpret it to miss a possible chance to conduct an active social life with the right Harley chick or Harley dude.

Ignore claims about personality of biker dudes or biker chicks.

Ignoring biker chicks’ or biker dudes’ explicit claims about his or her personality such as “I have a sense of humor” or “I love riding Harley Davidson bikes while chasing sunset” can be one of the biggest mistakes that biker women and biker men make while looking for a compatible motorcycle match on online motorcycle apps. Because at most times, the claims is of great importance when it comes to a conversation opener or even building the connection at the very initial stage of falling in love with your Harley motorcycle rider.

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Secret Biker Dating Tips to Make Your Harley Partner Miss You

Who doesn’t want to feel missed by a special Harley motorcycle rider that he or she is also interested in? Whether you’re crushing on a new biker girls or biker guy that you met on biker dating sites, or you are already in a relationship with your single Harley rider, or even considering getting back to your ex motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls, there are a few preferable online biker dating tips to have your special Harley motorcycle rider miss you.

First, every biker women and biker man must understand the psychology behind how to make a motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls miss you. It is of great importance to ask yourself this question: what usually makes me miss the motorcycle babe or biker babe? It’s the absence of that single Harley rider that we like. However, it doesn’t mean you need to cut off your Harley rider to make him or her miss you?” No, this is a misconception that will lead motorcycle women and motorcycle man to a deviated direction.

Stop all communication
I know it’s hard not to reach out to that person if you miss him. Of course, you want to be in constant communication with him. But if you really want him to miss you, then give him time to miss you.

We talk about the importance of absence of yourself in order to make your motorcycle women or motorcycle man miss you. thus, the Harley girls or Harley guy that you like can’t miss you if you keep talking with him or her on online biker planet dating sites, right? Therefore, give him a reason to miss you. Instead of calling and texting your biker chicks and biker dudes, create some absence to give out the chance to be missed! Because if you continue reaching out to your Harley motorcycle rider, he or she will never have the reason to miss you and will keep taking your for granted.

Don’t return the calls and texts without waiting a little bit.
If you’re like most single Harley riders who have a strong urge to find a truly compatible Harley chicks and Harley dudes, you probably will reply the text and calls you’re your biker gentlemen and biker ladies once you received it. Even though it is totally normal when that special man bike or women biker calls or sends a text, you will want to respond back immediately, especially if you’ve been waiting to hear from the motorcycle gentlemen or motorcycle ladies for a little while. It is strongly recommended for motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes to respond after a period of time. According to the expert working for online biker dating sites, there is a good online biker dating rule to make the single Harley rider you have crush on wait twice as long as it took for them to respond to you last time.

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Biker Dating Rules You Need to Know for an Amazing Profile Online

It is an undeniable fact that the profile of biker girls and biker guys plays a vital role on the online biker dating experience and as a result, a tremendous of male Harley riders and female Harley riders have been struggling to find the best online biker dating tips to create an outstanding profile on online biker dating sites. and the free biker dating sites have selected the most useful and powerful motorcycle dating advice to help biker women and biker men to stand out from other like minded single Harley riders in their profile to optimize their chance in finding a perfect biker partner. If you are one of the single Harley riders looking to find someone to share the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle and have no idea how to start your profile page on online motorcycle dating apps, it is time to dig in.

Figure out what you are looking for
Even though all the motorcycle guys and motorcycle girls have the same goal of finding the compatible motorcycle partner to ride Harley Davidson bikes with, the details can differ from one to another. Some Harley women and Harley men are looking for partners to share motorcycle riding skill and simply to make the most out of their Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, while others tend to seek for friends but also with benefits, which can be both something casual and serious. Moreover, the majority of Harley girls and Harley guys are looking for a biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend on online biker dating websites, in other words, a long lasting, stable and healthy relationship. Before creating a profile on online biker dating websites, it is of great importance to figure out what you want from the biker babe or motorcycle babe you will meet on online biker dating service, which will help you enormously in your biker planet dating profile, because you will choose the right tone and language in order to obtain your goal.

Choose the right picture
You might be able to accuse the online motorcycle dating websites of promoting superficial elements because it is always pictures that plays the vital role. However, you will have to admit that being attracted by appearance is one of the human natures and Harley motorcycle riders are not an exception. Thus, choose the right picture of you to upload on your online motorcycle dating page. Keep in mind that there are three key points to an outstanding picture selection. Firstly, be honest: never post a picture that is not you. secondly, to fun. It is significant to post pictures that represent a certain appealing quality of you. last but certainly not least, post pictures that are up to date. Never post an attractive picture of you 10 years ago, which is not going to do you a favor when you meet your motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude in person.


Online Biker Dating Tips that Every Single Harley Rider Need to Know

There are days when you feel embarrassed to express the joy of meeting some other like-minded male Harley rider or female Harley rider on an free biker dating site. Some Harley motorcycle riders ten to assume that there are either lonely or pathetic people who also enjoy the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle who need internet to find a compatible partner. However, as time has changed, the mentality did too. Nowadays, almost every biker man and biker women chose a variety kind of online Harley dating websites to find a friend to ride Harley Davidson bike with, or even a soulmate to start a long-term and stable relationship with. Even though it is undeniable that there are some nightmare-like stories that happen from time to time to biker girls and biker guys, as a previous single Harley rider who has had rather successful online biker dating experience, there are a few online biker dating tips that I think rather important and necessary to share with you guys. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is to be self-centered, aside from having fun, online biker dating is also about learn a lot of stuff from others!

Don’t forget about the purpose of dating a motorcycle rider online!
You might work a lot, being occupied with bit and little things 20 hours a day, or are busy throwing big parties to motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys. However, you don’t consider them as the best way to meet other Harley women and Harley man. Or let’s say you are amazing at socializing and big gatherings are exactly your thing, but why not give the free motorcycle dating websites a try? However, always bear in mind that the purpose of online motorcycle dating is always about meeting new man biker as well as women biker who can help you conduct an active social life.

Spend more time to call than text.
Even though the official way of connecting to the Harley women and Harley man on the online motorcycle dating platform is to text. However, there are more ways for you to build a solid connection with the male Harley rider or female Harley rider you love. According to the recent study, voice calling is one of the most efficient ways for biker chicks and biker dudes to connect with each other. Therefore, don’t be afraid to spend one or two hours a day to talk about everything you are interested in with your Harley motorcycle rider.

Make the first date simple and brief.
Keep the first date with your motorcycle babe or biker babe at a simple place without high expectations of something fancy. Even though the idea of a quick beverage might sound too simple for the very first date, but keep in mind that for motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes, it is never about the money, but the connection that matters. Having a beer together at happy hours sound like a perfect idea.


4 Steps for a Successful Online Biker Dating Conversation

In today’s dating world where almost every biker girls and biker guy use online biker dating website to meet other like-minded single Harley riders, it is easy to feel like merely a number. The myth to stand out from other male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders is to build a connection. But how? First you need to understand the meaning of building a connection through the online Harley dating site: establish a common ground, or foundation between you and the biker women or biker man that you are interested in. the chance of you actually finding a Harley motorcycle rider who is compatible with you will be greatly multiplied when the right connection is established. And today we are talking about the key to establish a connection through free online motorcycle dating websites. And the easiest way to do it is to become an awesome conversationalist who send the right message to the motorcycle girls or motorcycle guys to make sure the fire keep going back and forth. If you are not sure how, check out the steps for a successful online biker dating conversation.

Study the profile of your match
By studying, it doesn’t mean you should look into the profile in a creepy way. However, in opposite, in a much more respectful way. Because by learning more information about your motorcycle dude or motorcycle chick, you can not only show that you are not a biker babe or motorcycle babe who is solely interested in looks. But also increase the success rate of finding yourself a soulmate who also love Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Imagine when you receive a message from a Harley girl or Harley guy, instead of some boring and ordinary “Hi” or “What’s up”, they asked: “How has your day been? Busy making chocolate cookies?” and you mentioned how much you love making chocolate cookies in your spare time. And this man biker or women biker will definitely leave a deep impression because he or she actually paid attention to you as an individual.

After analyzing the profile of the biker chicks or biker guy, the first ice breaker is of vital importance, so please don’t just start it with a “Hi”, instead, try to lead the question using your knowledge in a unique way.

Keep the one wanting more
So ask yourself what the point is of keeping a conversation between you and the motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dude? For the sake of conversation? Or something else. The right answer is to keep the fire going between you and keep them wanting more. Results from a scientific magazine shows that the biker gentlemen and biker ladies who have built the fire through the conversation on the online motorcycle dating sites have triple the chance to have successful first date in person than those who didn’t.

There are multiple ways to do make it happen and we will address it in the next biker dating advice!


Things Never Do in a Biker Romantic Relationship

All the male Harley riders as well as female HARLEY riders +have gotten all kinds of biker dating tips telling them what to do in order to get the ideal biker girls or biker guy on a free biker dating site, however, little did they know that it is actually of equal importance to know what not to do to sabotage the romantic relationship with their biker women or biker man with little acts that are often easily ignored by others.

With the top 7 online Harley dating sites teamed up, a list of never to dos has been compiled in order to optimize the online dating experience for over 700 thousand motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys seeking love online.

Just be yourself.
A huge amount of so-called online biker dating advice have probably all given this one or similar ones as “just be yourself”, however, this could the worst piece of advice you could ever get! There is a slim chance that you would ever meet a motorcycle man or motorcycle women that meet your standards with you just being yourself while not making any progress to improve yourself. According to David Smith, the experienced specialist in law of attraction between Harley girls and Harley guys, the only way to keep a healthy and long-term relationship between a biker man and biker women for a long time is that both parties make efforts to improve themselves in the same direction. Don’t let the saying of “just be yourself” be an excuse of doing whatever you want while ignoring the needs and feelings of your man biker or women biker.

Be the nice person.
Well, everyone loves “the nice person” existing in their life, however, the setting is different now. Always keep in mind that you are looking for a biker chick or biker dude with who you can spend the rest of your life with instead of fighting to win the supervillain while still might end up short paying the rent at the end of the month like spider man. Using a little bit of strategy instead of saying yes to all the requests of your motorcycle women and motorcycle man is of great importance. On the other hand, there might be the second interpretation of “Be the nice person”, which is being nice by nature. In that case, you might want to please the biker babes or motorcycle babes you meet, however, prioritizing your own feelings and needs is also of vital importance!

Make the date your own playground.
Dating can be fun, but also annoying if you make the date with your biker chicks or biker dudes your own show time. It is understandable that you want to impress the motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes you like, or get a bit of satisfaction for you own vanity, but too much bragging will totally get you off of track and lose the chance to take the relationship to another level with your motorcycle babes.


Signs that Biker Girls Should Know of Being in a Toxic Relationship

Biker girls on biker dating sites trying to search for their dream biker guy probably hear the term “toxic relationship” a lot and always refer it as something negative. Of course, no single Harley rider would ever want to be in a toxic biker relationship, but the brutal truth is: almost every motorcycle guy and motorcycle girls have fallen in a toxic relationship without even knowing their current situation. Why? Because it is sometimes be hard to identify what a toxic relationship is with your special Harley guy, especially when there is no obvious sign, or behaviors that have clearly crossed the line. Therefore it is of vital importance to tell the subtle signs that are relatively subtle of being in a toxic relationship.

As the old saying goes: nothing is perfect, the relationship between every biker women and biker guy is included. But when the toxicity of your motorcycle relationship has passed a certain limit or even is going to lead to something worse, it’s time for motorcycle women to act on it before everything goes out of control. Here are a few biker dating tips written by a psychotherapist on free Harley dating websites to help Harley women look for the under-the-radar signs of being in a toxic relationship.

Your always fight because of something trivial
Dear biker chicks please don’t get me wrong. It is completely normal to disagree with your biker dude even when you are in a long lasting and meaningful relationship with him. The main problem lies in the cause of the fight. Whether it’s an argue about which the best pizza house in town is, or your biker partner messed out your anniversary for being extremely stressful at work, figure out the underlying cause behind the fight. If biker ladies have noticed that it always starts from something with little importance or, for some biker babes whom I’ve met, can’t even remember what started the fight, they have to be cautious. Fighting constantly over little things is one of the most convincing signs of dating a toxic biker gentleman.

Your partner doesn’t care for himself
For some motorcycle ladies, they probably have the illusion that they are in a perfect relationship with the right motorcycle gentleman who takes care of her as if she’s everything he has. Yes, female Harley bikers are living a princess’s life, however, is your male Harley biker engaging in self-care? For example, when your man biker is dropping voluntarily all his working schedule just to spend more time with you, even if he’s rising losing his job. If any of the both party lose the value, standard or principles in themselves, no matter how well the other party feels, this toxic relationship is going to fall out eventually.
Let’s face yourself, how do the women bikers feel honestly? Happy? Drained? Or simply tired. Your own vivid feeling have the most say for whether if you are in a toxic relationship or not.


Tips on How to Make Your Harley Rider Commit and Want Only You

As time goes by, the mentality of a tremendous amount of single Harley riders have changed drastically too. As a result, an increasing amount of lifestyles, which are considered as taboo to some biker conservatives, start to emerge. According to a recently conducted survey on biker dating sites, the percentage of motorcycle man and motorcycle women who are now practicing or have practiced polyamory, or in another word, open relationship, have raised by 120%. However, problem arise who biker man and biker women who prefer the traditional way of dating: after meeting a compatible Harley man or Harley women on Harley dating websites and things have being going pretty well till you came to a realization that you have completely different values in terms of a biker relationship. The biker chick or biker dude of your dream still want to wandering around in the dating world of free biker dating website, however, a serious and exclusive relationship if more of your thing. Not wanting to give up on this gorgeous motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls, neither discard your value and force yourself to play games, here are some valuable motorcycle dating tips for you to make him/her commit in no time.

Don’t be afraid to tell him/her that you’re valuable.
If you are just another male Harley rider or female Harley rider for him/her, why would your biker babes want you to be his/her future partner instead of one of those biker companies that can be easily replaced? He/she is charming, but by no means that your whole world is not running without a single rider of Harley Davidson bike. But I get it that you want that Harley motorcycle rider in your life. So don’t be hesitant to show your values and qualities, make him wonder about you by for example not replying as often as you would like to. Aside from physical beauty, the independence in a Harley motorcycle enthusiast is one of the most attractive traits too.

Connect the dots in the social circle.
It’s not only the motorcycle girl or motorcycle guy that you want to conquer, but also his/he friends and family members. By keeping a good relationship with the important ones in the social circle of your male biker or female biker will effortlessly make him/her realize that he/she is a keeper. Moreover, isn’t it a bonus if his/her friends love to reveal their a bit about his playful bachelor life?

Tell him/her a reason to commit, not verbally.
By acting like the kind of biker chicks or biker dude that your potential motorcycle partner want to keep before speaking it out loud. Last but not least, picture your future partner what the qualities that you adore in him/her, and try to behave consistently. By doing seemingly trivial stuff such as making him/her homemade lunch during busy work days will undoubtedly warm the heart of your biker gentleman or biker lady.


What is on the Mind of Biker Guys and Biker Girls

Woman on motocross bike, Maui, Maui County, Hawaii, USA

Nowadays, the sport of Harley motorcycle riding and Harley Davidson bikers have gained a huge amount of attention since it has gained an increasing amount of popularity in the past years, which could also explain why more and more youngsters want to date a male Harley rider or female Harley riders on different kind of online biker dating sites. If you want to increase your success rate of dating biker girls or biker guy that you like, it is of great importance to get into the mind of the biker women and biker man. For instance: what are their preferences when it comes to the first date? What is the taboo when maintaining a conversation with the motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy? What topic will get onto the nerve of motorcycle women and motorcycle man that can often be ignored.

Thus, in this article, we are going to talk about the expert online biker dating tips to help you to get into the mind of the Harley girls and Harley guys that you are into on free Harley dating sites.

Don’t label them in any possible way.
What is the very first impression that comes into your mind when the word “Harley motorcycle rider” is mentioned? Though, strong or adventurous? Whatever stereotypes you have in your mind when it comes to man bikers or women bikers, do not ever label it on the Harley guy or Harley girls that you met on motorcycle dating sites. And always bear in mind that even though they are all sharing the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, every Harley motorcycle rider differs from one to another. According to a lot of Harley women and Harley man, the very last thing that they would want to hear is “Why are you afraid of horror movies since all man bikers and women bikers are tough as hell”.

Make the first date unique.
Take your biker babes or biker dudes to a fancy restaurant and nibble on a expensive stake sounds like an amazing idea. But be aware that it is also what most couples would do, which makes it a little bit dull. For a huge amount of Harley motorcycle riders, the first date with his or her motorcycle babe or biker babe is a great window for them to see how fun and interesting the person is. If you want to make the date a point turner for you to take the relationship to another level, take your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle gentlemen to a ride on a remote valley and chase the sunset will be a lot better.

Be yourself.
Nothing can be more precious than being confident enough to show off the real you to the motorcycle ladies as well as motorcycle gentlemen without any layer of mask. Being authentic can save a lot of time and energy for you when it comes to finding the compatible motorcycle babes or biker babes.