Why and how to date a biker girl

Nowadays, an increasing amount of guys start to gravitate towards biker girls when it comes to the significant half. Have you ever wondered why? In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the biker dating site HarleyDatingSite.net, we have compromised a few essential reasons of why to date a biker girl as well as some useful advice on how to date a biker girl.

They like cheap date
 Thanks to their down-to-earth nature, biker girls enjoy their own kind of dream date: a long ride on twisty road while grabbing some juicy burgers alone with a cup of cold beer as dinner, instead of some expensive dates in a fancy restaurant where a sip of Martini which costs $20

They can help you with travel light
Packing light has always been a savvy trip for all the travelers. To avoid filling up a suitcase with your whole wardrobe, you can downsize your luggage, pack only the essentials, and last but not least, get a biker girl! Adhering to the motto riding comes first, biker girls wouldn’t weigh you down by some how managing to balance 4 overstuffed suitcase on the bike.

They are adventurous
Say goodbye to those days when you got hold back by all kinds of complaints whenever you start to get a bit wild. Bikers are generally considered as adventurists and dating a biker girl means you are going to be set on an adventure. Get all geared up and all the luggage packed tightly on panniers, you are going to explore the world differently while taking your biker girl to places that are hard to reach and nothing else can match the rush while going through the wildest experience.

They are tough
At one point or another, a motorcyclist is going to fall down on a bumpy road, however, they never take no for an answer and get up from wherever they fall. That’s why biker girls, whose personality is deeply seared with toughness, make the best solid girlfriend. Contrary to the stereotypical thought, you won’t need to worry about the disapproval from your mom for being with a biker girl. This type of girls do get a bit out of control sometimes, but most importantly, they always get off your back and are not afraid of the unpredictable future.

They will make other jealous of you
Biker girls are known to be strong and independent, not only will this make your friends jealous, but also your exes. After all, there aren’t many girls who are willing to sitting up close while circling her arms tightly around your waist on a roaring machine or just hop on hers while enjoying the ultimate freedom and the two-wheeled bond with you.

They are simply sexy
Before dating a biker girl, you impression of them probably have never gone beyond a occasional jolt of recognition when they zoom away past you on a highway, but at the very first sight of her zipping up her seductive leather jacket, disappearing beneath a helmet and then suddenly zooming away in a blink of an eye with the finely crafted gear between her legs, everything changes. You’ll find yourself being gravitated, admiring, or even obsessively falling in love with her inexplicably beauty.

Dating a biker girl changes your perspective of life
Dating a biker girl, far more than just to step out of your comfort zone and start a breathtaking adventure, it is also an enlightenment which leads you to the realization that two halves don’t make whole, it takes two wholes, because dating a biker girl means you will have to learn to respect her hobby and will never ask her to give up something which make her shine and offers her such a profound sense of identity. Dating a biker girl requires you to embrace her as how she is as an individual, and biker girls will do the same.