Packing Simply and Efficiently for A Motorcycle Camping Date

When you plan to have a motorcycle camping date with a biker girl, then you should notice that there is not much space for the pack with your biker babe sitting at the back of the motorcycle. The key for the packing is taking what you’ll need and precious little extra. It is hard to tell exactly what to take because there are too many variables from rider to rider. But bikers can still get some guidelines for packing here.

There are kinds of camping gear to choose in today’s markets from indispensable items to worthless things. Single motorcycle riders should keep the basics in mind when they are selecting gear: shelter, comfort when sleeping, food and personal hygiene. Only when these basic needs are met and there are available packing space, can you purchase some extra items to carry with. The best way to avoid carrying too many unnecessary items is buying reasonably high-quality gear for the first time. Thus, you won’t have that budget for the extra equipment.

Specialty supplier of camping and backpacking equipment, as well as biker dating sites are great places to have a basic understanding about available products. And Harley riders can also narrow down their list to a few items by checking and questioning online. It is easy to get what you need at reasonable prices.
Don’t listen to the sale to overbuy a sleeping bag. A bag rated for temperatures of 40 degrees is adequate for biker camper, which will be more comfortable and pack smaller. As for tent, a tent with an entry vestibule or two can provide a fry place to place your riding gear and other items that you don’t want to be stole by others.

And items with more than one functions are the first choices for biker dates. For example, a pair of waterproof hiking sandals can be used for hiking and showering. A jacket liner can be worn to stay warm while sleeping or in the cool morning, and used as a pillow with a stuff sack. Just keep an open mind when you are purchasing in the stores for these very useful items.

Keep in mind or make note of the items that you and your biker girl have used and those you don’t need when you are on the trip or camp. After several times, you can remove those things you haven’t used and prepare more items that you need most. Then you will find it will be more and more simple to pack for the motorcycle trip and camping date with a Harley woman.