Taking it Offline, The First Date With A Biker

If you chose to join BikerPlanet, you’ll have access to a list of perfect dates for biker singles. But if that’s not one of the websites you’ve landed on, no worries! We’ve made sure to include some of the best ideas for a first date for biker singles. Yeah, sure, you can go on any date. You can choose the movies or dinner or something typical. But biker singles are above average, so you don’t want to come at them with a boring date idea. Instead, trade those plain dates in for something a little more exciting. Why not bring the bike along?

1. The Most Obvious; Go For A Ride

Invite your biker date out for a ride. You can hope on your own motorcycles and just go. Follow the wind, or go against the breeze. Just ride for the sake of riding. This doesn’t give you much opportunity to talk though. Even if she’s hoping on the bike with you, holding you close as you feel the breeze give back the air she’s taken out of your lungs. But it’s a great idea before, after or in the middle of your date. It’s going to be a common activity between the two of you, after all.

2. A Bar

There’s no secret that many bikers like to have a couple drinks. If you’re driving, you should always drink responsibly. But, you can let your biker girl have a couple drinks if you’re riding together. Play pool, or darts in the meanwhile. Oh, but choose a fairly deserted bar that isn’t crawling with competition. You want to be able to talk, share stories and laugh together. You don’t want five other guys also hitting her up. It’s your date, you want the focus to be on the two of you. You can also grab something to eat if you’re at a full service pub. Our eating habits and what we choose to eat can say a lot about who we are as people. It’s always a good idea to grab a bite on a first date.

3. Hit The Shores!

Our ride is going to end up somewhere. We don’t just jump on the bike and keep going until it runs out of gas. So, pull over somewhere with a nice view and just relax together. Plan ahead with a blanket and a picnic basket. It sounds cliche when you read it. But, when you’re doing it, you’ll see how well it works. Your biker girl might not care about sitting on a blanket. Remember, they don’t mind getting a little dirty. But it’s definitely more comfortable. Besides, prevents sand from getting in your food. This gives you both the chance to enjoy a bite to eat together, while also enjoying the endless scenery. A picnic is a great way to avoid the clutter of the bar.

The best part about a biker girl is that they are easy-going. They love the open road and that’s really the way to their hearts. As long as you can give them a highway, or a mountain drive, you’re doing great. But, for the sake of securing a second date, there should be conversation, right?